Practice Areas

For all those passionate about Golf and interested in getting to know more about the game of Golf or want to improve their techniques, the Club has a very accommodating driving range (where you can play on grass all year round), two large putting greens as well as a pitching green with 4 flag positions (and adjacent bunker).

These facilities are important reference points for the Club Members and Guests from the time they first take up the sport until they become established and experienced players. They can either practice there on their own, or they can take advantage of lessons from the Club Pro who are ready to impart their precious hints and tips to achieve an accurate swing.

Here the Club organises courses for its youngest golfers: it is great to watch the lessons being attended by a compact group of young people, all very elegant and colourful in their personalised golf clothes, ready to imitate the movements of the champions they had watched on the previous night's European Tour.

On a daily basis you may come across the members of the "Allegrini Team" intent on refining their swings in advance of the upcoming national league calendar dates.

Both putting greens (one located on the right hand side of the driving range, the other beside the Club House) are of significant importance in developing the golfing skills of competitive golfers, and are ideally suited to honing putting skills on a slippery and undulating surface, which mimics that of the course. In addition, the pitching green offers the players the opportunity to enjoy playing the ball to the flags from lots of positions.