The Course

At the Bergamo "L'Albenza” Golf Club a magnificent golf course awaits you: 27 holes of high quality technical design, masterfully crafted by the renowned English architects Cotton & Sutton, subdivided into three courses (Blue, Yellow and Red), where annually over 100 different competitions are played.

Nestling against the backdrop of a magical landscape and surrounding countryside, recumbent on the rolling hills of lush timeless greenery, our Club represents a heritage to be enjoyed and shared with those who, through Golf, wish to savour the pleasure and the emotions of unique moments in time.

In fact it is almost impossible not to be seduced by the silence, the colours and priceless glimpses of nature when approaching each green: once you have played at "L'Albenza" it will stay with you forever, just like your special driver or loyal putter.

Select one of the 3 courses:

1 5 17455429410414408373
2 3 11171162136140134130
3 4 3394372348353346322
4 4 5356346321327319258
5 4 13335323289295287273
6 3 15156144132136130125
7 5 9468451420423418403
8 4 7356328306310304265
9 4 1388368339345335298
TOT 36 -307929232701274326812447

Ideally you should play your tee shot on the left side of the fairway (beware of out of bounds). The green, mainly designed length-wise, is surrounded by bunkers to the front and on the right, making for quite a complex approach shot.