In the Game of Golf (a sport that, we should remember, is probably English in origin) a lot of care and attention is paid to the Rules and to Etiquette.

We like to translate this as "education": in point of fact, Etiquette is nothing other than the respect that each player should have for other players, for the course, and for those who work hard to maintain it in its optimum condition. And not least, of course, for oneself!

We believe that it is of absolute importance that each golfer is aware of the importance of Etiquette and pays it due attention.

In fact, to be good golfers, it is not simply enough to be able to play a long straight drive or intricate putts (these are undoubtedly useful!); it is also important to know the Rules of Golf and Etiquette, which should be an inherent part of any good golfer's equipment. Yes, you have read correctly, in as much as no golfer would ever start a conventional round of Golf without his preferred driver or loyal putt, to the same extent the knowledge and respect of the Rules of Golf and Golf Etiquette must stay with him/her around the 18-holes all the time.

Unfortunately, sometimes we have seen golfers forget them in the changing rooms or even at home! This is regretful as this can be inconvenient for the person themselves, for other players and for the course.

For example: other than in winter season, a divot lifted by a swing and immediately re-instated by the golfer (with the roots downwards, obviously) takes about 12-15 days to become correctly implanted into the ground (and therefore suitable for play). If the same clump of grass is not replaced immediately, it would become dry and die. Then the greenkeeper would have to reseed the area affected. Conclusion: it would take a month for the all the grass to grow back perfectly!

Help from our golfers (all our golfers) is extremely important, indispensable, to be able to play on a course always in good conditions.

It only requires a small amount of attention and team effort. Nothing else!

Kindly remember the following advice:
  • re-instate divots;
  • repair pitch marks on the greens;
  • smooth out footprints in the bunkers;
  • avoid crossing with trollies on the most important parts of the course (tee, green, avant-green).
We know we can count on your help. Thank you!