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From mid-May to September, Club Members and Guests can swim in the two heated pools located a short distance from the Club House, and the fairway of the 10th hole.

There, under the attentive care of pool attendants, they will enjoy some pleasurable moments, immersed in warm sunshine, chatting with friends, reading the newspapers, or sipping cold drinks served at the poolside bar.

Furthermore, from noon onwards, they will have a wide variety of dishes on the menu from which to choose a quick lunch.

Both pools, completed in 2000, were designed for all age groups; the smaller 50 cm deep pool is for children only. Whilst the larger 20m long, 13m wide adult pool, varies in depths from 130cm to 200 cm.

This facility operates from Tuesday until Sunday, during the Club's opening hours, with our professional and helpful staff on hand ready to fulfil our clients' needs.

To ensure the smooth running of the facility and to ensure the tranquillity of swimming-pool users, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

The Rules

The use of the pool is exclusively restricted to Members and their Guests. The administrative office reserves the right to restrict guest access to the pool especially on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

Members and guests under the age of ten years must be supervised at all times by an adult Member who will take full responsibility for them. They are only permitted to use the pool specifically for their age group.

Members must pre-register their guests on the register and ensure payment of their entrance fee.

In order to avoid any unpleasant reminders by our staff, who are duty-bound to do so, we remind you that the following is prohibited:
  • using the pool without previously showering;
  • changing in any areas other than the designated changing rooms;
  • using Club towels and bathrobes;
  • listening to music without headphones;
  • playing ball games or engaging in any behaviour that disturbs other users;
  • wearing bathing suits outside the pool area;
  • wearing golf shoes in the pool area.
Whilst we would like to thank our Members and Guests for their compliance with the regulations outlined above, we would also like to remind them that appropriate bathing suits should be worn at all times.

Pool entrance fees for non-Club members are:
  • Guests: weekdays Euro 20 - weekends and public holidays Euro 40
  • Family guests: weekdays Euro 10 - weekends and public holidays Euro 20
  • children up to 6 years of age: weekdays Euro 3 - weekends and public holidays Euro 5
  • children up to 14 years of age: weekdays Euro 5 - weekends and public holidays Euro 10
Pool opening times:
  • weekdays: 11.00 -19.00
  • Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 10.00 - 20.00

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