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Every golfer, when finished playing, enjoys being spoilt by the chef and indulging in the gastronomic delicacies he prepares for them.

And indeed it is here at the end of the course that players choose to meet up, either to celebrate the winners or to commiserate with the players defeated by the difficulty of the course or the skill of their opponents. All under the watchful and complicit eye of Mr. Lorenzo Rota, Manager of the restaurant bar.

Since January 2017 his company Swing & Food, has taken care of catering at the Club. A particularly important and exciting assignment that Lorenzo Rota has enthusiastically embraced in a truly entrepreneurial spirit, thanks to the precious experience he has gained over the years in Hotel Restaurant Camoretti.

Assisted by a competent and willing team, he has, within a very short space of time, familiarised himself with the requirements of both Members and Guests and has found the perfect solutions to ensure that their expectations are met and their culinary tastes are catered for.

The daily menu offers a carefully prepared and varied range of dishes from the best in traditional Bergamo cuisine (including casoncelli and the inevitable polenta) to the best in national and international gastronomy. All accompanied by a choice selection of wines, the real feather in his management cap.

Both Members and Guests can enjoy these culinary delights in the recently restructured and elegant restaurant room, or, exclusively during the warmer months, on the terrace overlooking the 9th and 18th holes. There, enveloped by the cool breeze, Members and Guests can enjoy their dining experience whilst gazing over the emerald green fairway or century-old greenery. Something truly wonderful.

The Club's restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner. We believe this to be the ideal location to host business breakfasts or festive occasions within an elegant and exclusive setting.

Finally all that remains for us to do is to invite you to join our Club for some competitive fun with friends, undoubtedly finishing the day at the tables of our restaurant where even the most painful defeat seems sweetly flavoured.

For further information and bookings: t. +39 035 642196 - E-Mail: [email protected]

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