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Since 1986 the renowned publication Il Mondo del Golf compiles a list of the best Italian golf courses: within this list, obviously those ranked as the "Top Ten" are recognised as the 10 most prestigious and highly valued Clubs.

The rankings are based on the opinions, submitted throughout the previous year, of a selected panel of journalists, professionals, leading experts, chaired by golf expert Alberto Croze.

Here are the details of the assessment criteria:
  • Shot-value: it indicates the level of risk throughout the course, how rewarding it is, to what extent length, precision and skill in the game are tested.
  • Difficulty: What is the level of course difficulty, all things being equal, from the back tees, for a scratch golfer?
  • Design balance: how varied are the holes on the course in terms of their length, layout, and relationship to hazards, shape, and the surrounding areas of the green?
  • Memorable impression: do the component parts of the course design (teeing ground, fairway, green, hazards, vegetation, and terrain) add character to each hole, whilst at the same time ensuring the overall continuity of the entire course?
  • Aesthetics: how much does the quality of the surrounding scenery add to the pleasure of a round on the course (views, vegetation, water, and surroundings)?
  • Course Maintenance: how would you evaluate the quality of the tees, fairways, and greens after playing on the course?
  • Ambience: to what extent do the general impression and the ambience of the course reflect the traditional values of the game?
In the first issue in 1986 the prestigious accolade was won by I Roveri (now the Royal Park I Roveri), whereas a year later Biella topped the classification (first place 18 times between 1987 and 2013). Over the years this coveted position was also won by Villa d'Este (1988), Torino la Mandria (1994) again I Roveri (2001/2002) and Castelconturbia in 2003.

Every year, an additional award is also set aside for best new course and best ground maintenance (in this special classification our Club has often been placed at the top of the rankings).

A summary of the placings the Club has achieved in this special classification:

1986: 10th place
1987: 7th place
1988 /1989: 9th place
1989 /1990: 11th place
1990 /1991: 10th place
1991 /1992: 11th place
1992 /1993: 10th place
1993 /1994: 12th place
1995: 8th place
1996: 13th place
1997: 13th place
1998: 10th place
1999: 12th place
2000: 12th place
2001: 12th place
2002: 11th place
2003: 12th place
2004: 11th place
2005: 9th place
2006: 10th place
2007: 9th place
2008: 10th place
2009: 11th place
2010: 9th place
2011: 10th place
2012: 11th place
2013: 12th place
2014: prize not awarded
2015: 9th place

We are very proud of these results which have encouraged us to continuously seek to improve the quality of our course and the efficiency of the facilities provided, thereby ensuring that we retain this extremely prestigious ranking within Italian Golf in the near future.

We wish to offer a heartfelt thank you to all of those, who, over the years, have shown their appreciation of our great work.

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